What is 5G Spectrum?

You may hear about 5G. But what about the technical term that may be confusing? What is the 5G spectrum in layman terms?

We’d like to share something with you.

What is a 5G Spectrum?

The meaning can be interchangeably used with 5G network.

5G is the fifth generation of cellular technology, and it is expected to bring significant improvements in speed and reliability compared to previous generations of cellular technology.

One key aspect of 5G is using new frequency bands, or “spectrum,” for transmitting data.

These new bands of spectrum, which include both high and low frequencies, will enable 5G networks to provide faster data speeds and support more devices than ever before.


Why the Need to Allocate 5G Spectrum in Malaysia?

Simple answer, monopoly.

Spectrum allocation is necessary to implement any cellular technology, including 5G.

This is because the radio frequencies used to transmit data over cellular networks are a limited resource and must be carefully managed to ensure that different wireless technologies and services can coexist without interference.

Allocating specific bands of spectrum for 5G allows wireless carriers to roll out 5G services in a coordinated manner and ensures that other existing technologies and services that use the same frequency bands are not disrupted. National or regional regulatory bodies like the MCMC typically do this spectrum allocation.


What is Milimiter Wave in 5G Technology?

The millimeter wave is a high-frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum that is used for 5G technology.

These waves have a shorter wavelength than lower frequency bands, which allows them to carry more data at higher speeds.

However, they also have a lower range and are more easily absorbed or blocked by objects, so they are typically used for short-range, high-speed communication in 5G networks.



In conclusion, the 5G spectrum is a range of radio frequencies that will be used to provide faster and more reliable mobile broadband services.

It will enable new technologies and applications, such as the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, and virtual reality.

The allocation and use of the 5G spectrum are still being debated and regulated by governments and international organisations worldwide.

But at least in Malaysia, the spectrum issue is over.

The focus now is on 5G coverage.

Now it’s time to speed up the deployment and rollout all over Malaysia.


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