Speed Test Telstra nbn (2019): speedtest.telstra.com/support/test

If you’re in Australia (whether in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Canberra), you might experience a slow Internet speed while browsing the Internet using Telstra.

Speed test Telstra

My Internet is slow. Why?

Chances are you’re on Telstra nbn broadband or using Telstra 4G. And it appears that your ADSL modem is blinking, but the Wifi connection is extremely slow.

For your information, there are many reasons your Internet connection might appear slow. It may be a problem with your modem or router, the Wi-Fi signal and the signal strength on your mobile phone.

Sometimes, your internet could be slow because you’re subscribing to a slow Internet package.


What to do then?

The first thing, you may need to check with your provider, to find out and confirm about your plan that you’re subscribed too. If it appears that you’re on the downgraded plan, please talk to the customer service to upgrade your plan to a better speed.

Please be prepared to fork out additional money to pay for the subscription.

Next, try to reboot your computer or mobile device. This is to ensure that there’s no problem on our side.

If the problem still persist, you can try to perform the speed test on your Telstra network.


How to perform speed test using Telstra?

Telstra has their own speed test page. You can access it here: https://speedtest.telstra.com/support/test

Please screenshot your speed test and call back the customer service if necessary. Also, remember to run the speed test multiple times; and on multiple devices.


The speed, what should it be?

You definitely cannot get 100% the same speed that you’re subscribed to. This is due to no perfection on the network. There’s also a tendency on having latency error or socket error.

If it’s consistently showing a slow speed, please talk back to the customer service.

Please check Odfy for more tips and how-tos about your speed test and Internet connection.

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