TM Speedometer (Old Version):,

Update: Do you still remember the old version of TM Speedometer? It is actually for Streamyx 384kbps plan only.

During the old days, you can access it at or Now, it’s still accessible at : . You still need to enable Flash plugin for your browser.


Sometimes, you wonder that you’re subscribing VIP 5 (or even VIP 10 or VIP 20),┬ábut your Internet seems so slow. What happpened then? Are you being conned?

Not entirely.


What is happening?

There’s a lot of forum discussing about these Unifi inconsistencies. When you’re lucky, your Internet connection seems so fast. Sometimes, it’s just been too slow. And frustrated users ended up rebooting or resetting their modem.

How do I perform the Unifi broadband speed test?

Easy, click any of the following link:


You will be presented with the similar screenshot below:

TM Speedometer

Once completed, you can view your Download and Upload speed.


Please take note that this throughput test will transfer data between your computer and the selected servers.

Please do not use your connection while the test is in progress. The test may take a few moments.

Your screen will refresh when the test is completed. Data will be sent to your computer through your internet connection to test the speed.

This TM speedometer also uploads the proxy data to their server as part of the speed measurement. This allows TM to measure the upload and download speeds and provide absolute measurements of your Internet speed.


I have a problem using TM Speedometer

If you have any trouble using TM Speedometer your check your Unifi speed, kindly contact our Customer Interaction Centre at 100 or e-mail to [email protected]


Can I use mobile app?

If you have iPhone or iPad, you can also check the speed using the app that you can download it from Apple App Store.

What’s your speed test results? Share with us in the comment section.

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8 thoughts on “TM Speedometer (Old Version):,”

  1. tolong pada saya internet saya slow … speed up internet booster for 82mbps
    download : 100 mb upload 10 mb

  2. I am on VIP 10 and a daily user of my internet at home but also a user of internet since it started many years ago. During the last 3 months or so, Unifi experience at my house has been atrocious or bad. Every time we (have 3 active users) have issue, we would run the Speedtest and can assure you the both the speeds can be slowed to below 2Mbps and inconsistent latency etc. I did took screen shots & complained to TM about 5 months ago but there is no improvement but deteriorate in service quality! We are running of options and I am not surprised that the common comment/complaint: “We have been cheated and why can’t we get our money back due to this lack of commitment of SLA to us!”

  3. I tried to use youtube just now,I can’t even have the smooth running of the videos. This have been happening quiet some time. Today is the worst. I tried to measured my internet speed using your TM speedometer, but after testing (I can see the running lights) no result appeared as stated.

    Prior to this I have tried to switch off and on the modem, it works at times but not always. Please rectify the problem as soon as possible. My phone number is 06-3370138

  4. please send someone check up my internet server. i jz upgrade my package frm 5 mbp to 10 mbp . but this two day my internet still download speed 4.79 n upload speed 4.83. sometimes more less. if the line r not full fill what i buy . i would like to terminate my ac. please take action asap. tqvm


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